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Kaj Kandler
Kaj Kandler

Kaj Kandler is a Knowledge Graph Optimization expert. He works with Coaches and Public Speakers on personal branding. Kaj helps people to build a consistent brand that search engines understand. A search engine like Google Search will recognize the consistent information as factual.

In 2024, Mr. Kandler founded Entity Garden helping people and businesses to elevate their brand in the Google Knowledge Graph.

Current Interests

Google Knowledge Graph

Currently, Kaj Kandler is interested in the Google Knowledge Graph. He works on a metric to measure notability in the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). He develops a process for notable people to become visible in search engines through rich knowledge graph panels and knowledge graph cards.

Schema Markup

Besides his interest in the knowledge graph, he created "Missing Entities". Missing Entities is a website that teaches schema markup for entities that are not so common. The website provides a generator for schema markup that is ready to copy and paste into your own code.

Work History

Currently, Kaj Kandler is an author and personal brand coach. He writes about search engine optimization, Google knowledge graph, Google knowledge panels, structured data, and schema markup.

My past work history you can also find on LinkedIn or Xing.

Articles published

Data Science

My most recent article "Jupyter Notebook to Data Pipeline" was published on Medium. It describes my observations from building an automated data pipeline using Python, Jupyther Notebooks, and AWS for automation.

This article was written during "Data Science Bootcamp" which I attended 2022/2023.

360 Manager experience

In 2020 I published an article in two parts about my experience in 15Five's "Best Self and Upward's Review". This review is 360 manager review to improve management performance in an organization. In the articles I chronical the insights I gained personally and professionally going through this process as a software development manager at NewStore

Part One "Manager review — Visualize to get the full picture" describes the process derived from Google's 13 famous Manager feedback questions. It further shows how I visualized the data to get better inside.

In part two "Manager review — How to dig for gold" I expand on the visualization of the data and how to gain deeper insides from the charts chosen.


JUC West 2015

In 2015 I gave a presentation about "Developing Enterprise-Ready Plugins" at the Jenkins User Conference U.S. West. I presented what we learned developing the "Jenkins Plugin for Black Duck Software". The plugin allowed "Open Source Discovery" as part of a Jenkins build pipeline.

Sapphire 1995

While at SAP I presented at the annual SAP Users Conference, called SAPPHIRE. It's such a long time ago that I don't remember what my presentation was all about. I just remember that I had an intimidating audience of ~ 400 people in a big auditorium. While I was used to giving training in front of 10 -20 people, such a big audience did scare me a bit. The best memory of that presentation I still remember today was getting the people's attention by making a joke about my name.

I attended SAPPHIRE the next year (1996) again. However, I was only part of the staff at the booth and did not give a presentation. I was part of the new team informing SAP customers about the brand-new module SAP Environmental, Health & Safety (SAP EH&S).

Various Profile Pages

Kaj Kandler is a creature of the Internet and more specifically of the World Wide Web. He was one of the early adopters of the Webbrowser, published websites, and joined social networks, such as LinkedIn, Xing, Medium or Facebook.

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